Seminars & Trainings

More infos about the technics in our training!

The seminares and trainings are for private as companys or for public schools!


Know your inside better!

During my stay at several monastery’s I learned a lot about the body and the flow of Yin Yang. A healthy mind in a healthy body - as we all know.
Learn to know your body better and how you can trust your inside voice. Learn something about the Asian mentality and strengthen your muscles with your spirit. You will be surprised at the possibilities.


Learn your limit in handicraft and mental capabilities!
Sharpen you intellect and learn to think and coordinate 3-dimensional. Here you can learn everything about this old 3D handicraft. Create your own tools and learn something about sketching and preparation right up to creating your own beautiful 3D frame or picture.


Seminars in Thailand or wellness holidays – only during the winter months!

Get to know true Thailand in a small Thai village. Enjoy the local national parks and undertake a guided trip to the rain forest. You may be lucky enough to see a wild tiger in the jungle! Trips with or without trainings are possible. Seminars start from 6 people. Group trips can also be booked with us!


We offer old handicraft at affordable prices - from professionals.

“Photo” the gemstone mosaic`, 3D sheet metal embossing, stained glass soldered cutting as well as many other almost extinct handicrafts.  -  Take advantage of our experience and contacts with other artists worldwide.