The Story about Daniel Maag &

The company "" is an independent company grounded and run by myself, Daniel Maag. From my early youth customizing, tuning, designing, and repairing has been a passion of mine.

it start with bicycle & mopeds

Over the years I have increasingly gathered experience and know-how working on larger objects, mainly Harley-Davidson or US-vehicles, as well as metric-bikes and oldtimers. One thing led to another and soon to the customizing, welding, casting, engraving, air and sand brushing. Then I added NEW 3D-metal embossing to my specialised work.
Soon I was discovered by various other dealers from whom I produced motorcycles as well as dealing in my regular work.

In 1992 I opened my own garage followed in 1996 by shop premises and employees. 2009 adding a atelier with my wife.

vehicle construction

Because all my work have a special note I returned to my roots. I completed most of the work alone following the motto: self made is the best quality! Except the metal embossing, this I do together with my wife.

the success support my motto

On my first perticipation at the Daytona Bike Week custom bike show I won 1st place and on my second perticipation I did 2nd place on the biggest motorcycle show in the world.

3D embossing

During the winter months between 2003 and 2007 I spent time in various monasteries in Asia learning the technique of the 3D metal embossing. This taught me the immense spectrum on this technique. Which I can use for cars, motorcycles, furniture and a lot others. In addition we now also offer courses in metal embossing, ask for infos.

My first Harley Davidson 1. World Champion Title "The Aryan" 2005
2. Place the "Wash.-Independence" 2008 2. World Champion Title "Pure Metal Bike" 2011

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