„The Aryan“ – Bike Week Daytona Beach, 1. World Cup Title Florida, USA 2005

For the Bike Week in Daytona Beach, FL USA I created a Harley and promptly won 1. prize in the Shovelhead category. The Boardwalk Show together with the Ratshole Show are the world's biggest Bike shows. The Boardwalk Show originated from the Ratshole Show grounded by Big Daddy Rat until his death. The following shows continued to take place in  Daytona but in different locations. The Boardwalk Show always takes place on the beach. Today it is presented by the City of Daytona Beach. My self-made Harley was constructed with the motto "60 years WWII end" and is in memory of all the war victims and their dependants. It symbolises the rise and fall of the National Socialism and has no political significance. This Bike remains a part of European history together with other events. The front fender depicts the beginning of National Socialism with a Nazi parade followed by their advancement portrayed in the front fork. The actual war is portrayed with the airbrush technique ending with the bombing of Germany on the rear fender. The form and design shows the quick rise and the slow decline of the Nazi era. The motorcycle is equipped with numerous details.


- The fender in armour, design and the coffin as gas tank was custom built by me. In addition the paintwork was carried out by Chris Cruz from Florida according to my idea. - The front fork is handmade according to a 60 year old sketch. - The wheels had to be adapted (extra narrow) - The handlebars my design - The frame modify by me - The seat and backrest my own design - Engravings made by my self too - Foot pegs casted to resemble a dagger handle - Oil tank constructed from a old Nazi helmet - Battery case constructed from an old ammunition box - Exhaust created by me in MG style - Swing arm (extra narrow) made by me - Rear light constructed by me from a breakdown triangle - Backrest with foldaway seat my design

A great deal of details and effort as well as unusual ideas and craftsmanship aptitude can be seen. The result is a unique creation as well as inspiring discussions! Unfortunately history cannot be altered but I hope that we have learned something for the future. Should you have an unusual idea on a particular topic, then we would be very happy to advise you.

With many thanks, your

Daniel - Crazy-Drive.com



"The Aryan"

Chopper in memory of all victims from WWII.


1st place and first World Cup Title on the Daytona Bike Week 2005 (shovel-head class).


The frame modified by me.


An old Nazi-helmet symbolizes the oil tank.


Swing arm and fender on the tank style my own creation.


An old ammunition box as battery case.


The handmade fork is displayed in the 60s style.


The foot pegs casted from dagger handle.


The extra narrow front wheel and the fenders are my idea.


Gas tank and painting is Daniel Maag's idea. Air brush from Chris Cruz USA.


Bike assembly and electrics as seen here.

7a Infos about the "Aryan" Bike and why we did it!

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