„GEM TIGER BIKE“ - 1. Place Rats Hole Show, 3. WM Title Daytona USA 2016

In the year 2016 we took a promotional and carity tour with our "Gem Tiger" Bike in Florida, USA. We was on the 4 biggest shows in the world and get 3 winnings and one 3th places. Our biggest successes were: 1st place at the Rats Hole Show which is eaqual to the WM Title, then 1th in Plant City night show, 1st in Webster and 3th on the Boardwalk Show in Daytona. In Europe we was in the final at the AMD World Championship of the World Best customizer. Our self made "Gem Tiger" Chopper with a Harley Panhead racing engine represented the "Tiger" in the beauty and power. It also collect money for the National Parks in Thailand and Myanmar. Long live the handicraft work, it took me about 2000 hours on work and I was not along, there was 3 other Artists with small work in charge, so you can see all the amazing details.

The details:

We have again a World novelty: with our gem mosaic insted an airbrush we did some thing never seen before.  

- the front fork consists 3D embossing work - the front fork suspension is out of the 60tys - the break system with Brembo calipers is Daniel Maag's construction  - the handlebar is bent by Daniel - the handlebar grips are extra drilled - the lamp glasses our design the mirror is casted - the wheels has extra spokes - the tiger head is 3D hammered - the gas cap is in the tank weldet - primary cover 3D embossing - the frame self made - the foot pegs modify - air caps - self made saddle - the exhaust modify - oiltank 3D hammered - motor tuning, restore of a Panhead Race engine with 2 manyfolds - as well as further details.

A large amount of detailed work is involved. With this we would like to impress upon you that this craftwork has not died out and that a customizer should be assessed on his ideas, handicraft ability and achievement. It should also be remembered that this work cannot be compared with mass produced finished products. Furthermore, we would like to impress upon you that good work takes time but is still affordable. You can be sure that our work will always remain unique!

Greetings from your

Daniel / crazy-drive.com

09l The World Novelty, a gem stone mosaic replaced the airbrush and the restored Panhead race engine. 004

3. World Master Title 2016.

Daniel with all his trophys and the "Gem Tiger Bike".

01l On this old race engine wie had restore every thing inckude welding new cool rips. 01r Also the whole engine cases we need to fit in to the frame. A Pan and Shovel combination.
02l Here I create a engine window with the file. 02r The window fit the engine case and give you a look how it works.
03l Late changes on the frame by Lai. 03r After the air brush on the self made frame.
04l Safety every where. I construct the holder for the springer break disc. 04r Also the holder for the break is a construct from Daniel Maag.
05l Lai did the drawing for the gas tank... 05r and even the 3D hammer art work.
06l On the back there was 3 different artists from 2 countrys involved. 06r Also the fender holder we did primitive with the file.
07l How the back and the sit start... 07r and here the finish work.
08l Even the glas for the special lights wher cut and fit by Dani  el. 08r This is what I call Custom!


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