„PURE METAL BIKE“ - 1. Place Rats Hole Show, 2. WM Title Daytona USA 2011

In the years 2010 & 2011 we undertook a promotional tour presenting our metal work in the USA. We covered over 13'000 mileages and won several awards at various shows. The Pure Metal Bike can be quickly and easily converted into different versions, as can be seen in the photos below. We presented two different versions at the shows. Construction work exceeded over 2000 hours over two years. Our biggest successes were: 1st place at the Rats Hole Show in Daytona, FL in 2011, 1st place at the ART Show at Lake Thaoe, Cal. in 2010, 1st place at Helpinghands in Prague, Okl. in October 2010, 3rd place at the Boardwalk Show, Daytona, FL in 2011, twice 3rd place at the Rats Hole Show Sturgis, SD & Daytona, FL (2010 first version) and twice at an invitation to the AMD World Championship of the World Best customizer. Includ a short viewing time at the San Francisco Art Museum.  Our self made motorbike with Harley engine and transmission as well as the modified HD chassis represented the "handicraft" with the motto "long live handicraft work"! The dragon which climbed out of the ice through the flames: in other words, "the forgotten is relived"! Thus the handicraft has been reinstated. To the modify original parts came many hours of blacksmith work not to mention the 3D metal embossing has completed our achievements. The bike is also equipped with many of amazing details.

The details:

In order to give the bike a special look, all parts including the motor and gearbox are sandpapered or sandblsted. 

- the front fork consists of blacksmith work - the front fork suspension is Daniel Maag's own construction - the break system with Brembo calipers is Daniel Maag's construction  - the handlebar is bent and welded to the front fork - the handlebar grips are hammered into a scale design - the lamp holders have been blacksmith art - the head lamp is of a Kreidler motorbike - modify - the aluminium mirrors are hammered into a dragon wing design - the front wheel are decorated with 3D metal sheet embossing - the front fender is decorated with 3D flame and dragon scale hammering - the dragon's head is hammered and consists of three parts  - the gas- and primary cap have been cast - the Harley chassis has been modify, turn signal in the frame - the dragon foot pegs are cast - the air filter is decorated with a 3D design - self made saddle with scale design  - the side covers are hammered into a flame and dragon scale design - the exhaust is bent and decorated at the end with a flame design - the swingarm is by blacksmith work changed to a rigid frame - the rear wheel is decorated at the end with a flame design  - 3D flames and scale designs have been hammered onto the rear fender - designer LED rear light - motor tuning controlled by the ignition - as well as further details

A large amount of detailed work is involved. With this we would like to impress upon you that this craftwork has not died out and that a customizer should be assessed on his ideas, handicraft ability and achievement. It should also be remembered that this work cannot be compared with mass produced finished products. Furthermore, we would like to impress upon you that good work takes time but is still affordable.

You can be sure that such work will always remain unique! 

Greetings from your

Daniel / Crazy-Drive.com



World NEWS

"Pure Metal Bike" the only motorcycle covered with embossing art.


"Pure Metal Bike" first version.


The "Pure Metal Bike" with dragon wings.

2r "Pure Metal Bike" with a lot blacksmith ART. In this version we won the big Rats Hole Show & the 2. WM Title.

Daniel on the details by the 3D gas tank work. It take time, talent and knack.

3r "Time Change" empossing art in perfection.

The Harley frame get morify.


The frame, fork and swingarm get a perfect grind for the sun reflection.


A rough outline for the rear fender.


The finished hammered fender on the bike


Flame design for the the front fender.


The front fender with the dragon head every thing in 3D.


Lai with the 3D filling parts for the wheel.


The perfect modify Harley wheel.

8l The side covers with our design. 8r

Custom side covers and exhaust pipes on the bike.


How we did the 3D air filter.


The finished air filter!

The "Gem Tiger" details >>>