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On the German TV!

The german TV was interested on our "Pure Metal Bike" with the 3D metal embossing. I hope this will help to support the handicraft work in our country.

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A few ofour museum exhibitions!

Here the 2 biggest the "Palace of fine Art" and on the "ART Museum Florida".

Many thanks to the americans which love our handicraft.

Bild 3 Klima Anlass ZH
Our commitment is highly praised

On the official webside of the community Hornussen AG where we were 17 years resident.
Also we get an invitation to te Klimaplattform group with our commitment - Oltimer
as climate efficient as possible to restore.

Many Thanks to all of them and the invitation.
28 28a

The Chamber of Commerce!

Even the Chamber of Commerce is interested on our 3D metal work. So they did a report about my anccient craft and my motorcycle design winnings.

Thank you for the support!

88 88a

The Heavy Metal & the Pure Metal Bike!

The "Metal Bike" with AC/DC on the same stage and later with the Metal Band Nazareth? Let's rock.

Even the Dragon has a smile;o)


further reports from media and winnings...

AMD 2018 2 AMD 2018
Also in 2018 I was invited to the AMD World Championship in Cologne. Many Thank's!

I went with my latest bike the "Turaco" a Cafe Racer in the
50 & 60s style represent. A mixture of original Honda and homemade work.
The frame is made in stainless steel and weighs only 9.46 kg.
Bikerfest Italy in May 2018, I was invited to the testdrive by Honda, BMW, Ducati, Apriiia and Suzuki.

The Flüela Pass in Switzerland was still full of snow and minus degrees.
But in Italy it was already summer.

Thanks to all brands who invited me to this supper test day!
20 20a
In the RoadBook magazine we get a very nice and extensive report about our art works

Many thanks to the RoadBook Team.
21 21a

The Bikers Power Magazin brought our review of the 20 year Pattaya Bike Week with photos and text.

A big thank to the magazine.

22 22a

Barnetts one of the biggest US Custom Bike Magazin did a great report about my work, the "Gem Tiger" Bike and the charity for the national parks.

A big thanks to this writer and the magazine!

23 23a

Also on the "Swiss Classic World" we could display our special bikes and collect money for the Tiger national parks.

Thanks guys!

24 24a

An other thank you to the "Motosport" magazine which had always been watching our activities and the Tiger Donation Bike and showed great interest in my 3rd Designer World Championship.

25 25a Same as before was a great interest by "Blick" the biggest news paper and his readers on our throphys and the 3. WM Title from USA.
26 26a

Daniel and his "Gem Tiger Bike"

Here to see with all trophys from only 3 weeks in the USA. 1. Place Rats Hole Show & WM Title, 1. Place Webster Show, 1. Place Plant City and the 3. Platz on the Boardwalk Show.

As an extra, a honorary board in glas from Disney World.

29 29a

Bigtwin Holland

Also we get a free consultation by the Bigtwin Show in Holland to support our Tiger charity program. On top there was a report also in the magazine.

A lot thanks to them in special to Onno.

30 30a

The Red Bulletin Magazine

The Red Bulletin Magazine is the official Magazine from Red Bull. That magazine find our "Gem Tiger" Motorcycle the best to use as comercial for the swiss moto Show 2015.

Thank you to the Red Bulletin for choseing my bike for that, and we hope on more support form Red Bull for our good Tiger charity work.

continue with interesting reports or fairs...

31 31a Even the Easyrider magazine display a photo from my Tiger Bike

In the Easyrider magazine is a photo of my "Gem Tiger Bike" on the AMD world championship in Colone Germany. Normaly they Support only the own peoples.

Bravo Easyrider go on like this...

32 32a

Tages Anzeiger "Züritipp"

One of the biggest Swiss news paper the Tages Anzeiger wrote about my business in Zuerich. Now they use also my "Gem Tiger Bike" as the most famose picture to make comercial for the Swiss Moto Show.

Thank's for chosing my bike and we hope on more support for our tiger project.

33 33a

Custom Bike Show 2015

We was there with our funeral stuff. Many thanks to the custom bike show.

34 34a

The custom bike Show in Austria support our "Tiger Bike" with a free stand. Here Daniel Maag with a fan, the gothic Danny.

Thank you to the custom bike show in Austria.

35 35a

Support from the BigTwin Bike Show in Holland. With a free place and from a lot photographers. Here on the stage I tell the fans our world news with the mosaic gemstone picture.

Many thank's to the BigTwin Show and organizers.

36 36a

Here we represent Switzerland at the AMD World Championship final.

In the german motorcycle magazine is a very nice photo of our "Tiger Bike" at the AMD world championship 2014 in Colone Germany.

Many thank's to the magazine.

37 37a

Swiss Moto & Swiss Custom

The show ask us to display our special motorcycles, the "Metal Bike" and the "Gem Tiger Bike".

Vielen Dank an die Veranstalter.

38 38a

Moto Sport Switzerland

Also the Motosport magazine Switzerland report our final rate of attendance at the AMD World Championship in Colone. The bike represent Switzerland on this Event. One more picture from our last AMD final bike the "Pure Metal Bike".

Many thank's to this Magazine.

40 40a

Autograph on the Intermot in colone Germany

With our "Tiger Bike" we get to the final on the AMD world championship by the Intermot in Colone Germany. We also get support from the Intermot for a free stand to collect money for the tiger national parks. Also we sign business cards for our fans.

Thank's to all our fans and the Intermot in Colone.

41 41a

On the final at the AMD World Championship in Colone Germany

With our Tiger Bike we managed once again the final of the AMD World Championship. Next we were supported by the Intermot with a booth where we signed autographs for our fans. Also other stars was on the program.

Thank's to all who support us.

Here is an extra report about our "Gem Tiger" charity Bike.

aa ab ac ad

a small break and then we continue...

41a 41a 2 Our 3rd final participation in the AMD World Championship in Cologne Germany, we were allowed to represent Switzerland.
42 42a

Info Report Swiss Custom

In this Report from the Swiss Custom Show was our "Metal Bike" the most photographed motorcycle and also the most watched bike from the visitors.

Thanks for the interesting photos.

43 43a

Dream Machines Magazine

In the german dream machine Magazine is a describe about our crafts and other works we do.

Thank you to the magazine.

44 44a

The Classic World Bodensee

Also on this event we find a lot support for our Tiger project with a huge place for the "Gem Tiger Bike" and our other antique and classic stoff.

Thanks to the Show for all this years.

45 45a

Biker Fest Italia

The Biker Fest in Italia give us a spot for our custom work and the "Gem Tiger Bike" to rise Money for the tigerproject.

Thanks to the Biker Fest Italy.

46 46a

The "Gem Tiger" in the Motosport Magazine

A wonderful article is in the Motosport Magazine 2014. The photos, report and Investigation for this article earn a huge respect.

Many thank's for this nice work to the Magazine and Brigitte Burri.

47 47a

SAM and the Tiger Bike

The second national motorcycle head organisation SAM did a huge Report about our unique "Gem Tiger" Bike and the idea behinde. Witha special Tribute on the ancient handicraft, the mosaic technic and the 3D embossing technique.

Many thanks to the SAM Team.

48 48a

FMS AND THE Tiger Bike

The Swiss Head Organisation FMS with his president and Nationalrat W. Wobmann finde our bike and idea so excelent to print an article in the united Bike Magazine.

Many thank's to the members of the FMS.

49 49a

Word Premiere the "Gem Tiger" Bike

On the Swiss Moto Show 2014 we selebrate a new Word Premiere with the "Gem Tiger" Bike on stage. Pure handicraft with the most unique mosaic technique instead a paint. - Many thanks to the Swiss Moto Show for the unique stand and the possibility to Show our Art.

50 50a

Swiss Moto and Swiss Custom

The Swiss Moto Custom Show Support us a place for our World Premiere with the "Gem Tiger Bike". The "Gem Tiger" was extra build for the endangered Tiger to collect money for the nationalparks with Tigers.

The World Premiere is the gem and coral stone mosaic. 

we go back in time with more interesting storys...

52 52a                                                           

3D Craftsmanship

"The Biker Funeral" is our new business idea and for this the Bikers News did a report about our unique 3D Art in urns and tombstones.

Thank you to the Huberverlag & to the owner.

53 53a

The biggest Essen Motor Show 2012 ask us to bring 2 motorcycles on their show. We brought the unique "Metal Bike" & a Hercules Sachs.

Thank's to the Messe Essen.

54 54a In the Biker News, as in the Dream Machines and the Custom Bike magazines is an article about our work and news. - Thank you to the magazines.
55 55a

To the Classic World Bodensee we went invited do lead the driver parade with our custom Corvette "Desert Storm" from Lt. (USA).

Thank you to the Klassik Welt Bodensee.

56 56a

The Aargauer-News did a Report about our work and success in the world and our working place in Hornussen. Every Saturday grill.

- Many thanks to the AZ & Claudia Meier

58 58a The Bike Time Magazine from August 2011 brought my article about building my first true chopper, out of a Herkules Sachs 503
59 59a Klassikwelt Bodensee this year also with a big success. Antique show about land, water & air vehicles with a Special motto 125 year automobile. We went over there with our club "Motorcycle ART". By side, our club can be booked for any events.
60 60a

The famous Rats Hole Show 2011 is of particular importance. In the "most unusual" category we won 1st place at the 70th Daytona Beach Jubilee with our "Pure Metal Bike".

This is a first time Swiss achievement.

61 61a In the Dream Maschine magazine from Mai 2011 Lai can be seen with the "Pure Metal Bike" on the Rats Hole Show in Daytona Beach FL USA.
64 64a

Full Throttle Magazine USA has me Daniel Maag as the man for the month March 2011 and a article about our "Pure Metal Bike" on their web seite.

Thanks to the Magazine & to Terry.

Here some extra reports about our "Aryan" Bike.

62 62a 63 63a
65 65a 65a 63c

and continue with more media & winnings...

63b 66a The "Aryan" was built in Memory of all victims by World War II. Which give me the 1. place and world title at the Florida Boardwalk show. But the chopper can not be seen in Germany! Why? This you can read in the Bikers News from 2011.
67 67a The magazine Dream Machine from December 2010 has an article about the Daytona Biketoberfest 2010 with our "Pure Matal Bike".
68 68a 2010 we are again in the readers draw for the custom bike show. But in the Dream Machine Magazine, see picture 35.
69 70

6 major winnings in the USA!

Additionally we visited various shows and exhibitions as well as galleries and museums and travelled endless miles through the nature. Even the Indians on the Pow Wow as well as the Vice  Governor of Arizona were enthusiastic about our bike which resulted in 1. Place on the Rats Hole Show FL 2011, 1. Place ART Show Cal., 1. Place at the Car & Bike Show Okl. 3. Place on the Boardwalk Show and two time 3. Place at the Rats Hole Show in SD & FL 2010 (first version).

70 70a We were also represented at the Las Vegas Bike Fest 2010 (the city that never sleeps) and met up again with Branscombe Richmond.
71 71a

The "EXPLORATORIUM" palace of fine Art in San Francisco, was so enthusiastic about our "Metal Bike Special" that we were invited to exhibit in the museum.

Many thanks to the Exploratorium.

72 72a 2010 on the world big Rats Hole Show in Sturgis, SD we won third place with the "Metal Bike" as well as in Daytona, FL a few months later. With my first version.
73 73a The new version of the "Metal Bike Special" with extra blacksmith work and a own creation on the front fork give us a free entry to the best motorbike builder in the world, at the AMD show. The show was in Sturgis, SD to the 70th jubilee.
74 74a

We were invited by the "Classic World Bodensee" to exhibit our world unique "Metal-Bike".

Many thanks to the organizers, particularly Mr. Fieweger.

slowly we come to the historical beginnings...

75 75a

Our embossing technique was introduced in the AMD Magazine of April 2010. The AMD is an organization which organizes and notes world championships in custom bike building.

- Thank you to the AMD Team.

76 76a

Also this year (2010) our advertisement for the Swiss Custom Sho was made possible by Sponsors.

- Many thanks to the sponors.

77 77a

In the Biker's Power Magazin 2010 the "Aryan" (red cross), is the chopper of the world. A chopper goes round the world.

- Many thanks to Bikers Power Magazine.

78 78a The dragon's head is on our "Metal Bikes" can also been seen in the Fighters Magazine 2010. No wonder, as a proper fighter you can also compete against a Dragon.
79 79a

The "Metal Bike" was elected by the readers of the Custom Bike Magazine.

- There fore a big thank you to all the readers.

80 80a The custom bike Show is the biggest of ist Kind in europe and here we were present representing our handwork and range.
83 83a

The "Metal Bike" was introduced in the Essen Motor Show catalogue as a unique world Innovation which made us very proud.

- Thank you to the Essen Motor Show media.

84 84a

The Essen Motor Show is the biggest motor Show exhibition in the world. Our exhibition stand presented the Metal Bike including many beautiful pictures and metal tanks created with the 3D sheet metal embossing technique.

85 85a The "Metal Bike" at the Custom Bike Magazin  (033). The Reader choose our bike to go on the Custom Bike contest.
86 86a The local district newspaper wrote a large article about our "Metal Bike" and its origin as well as about our other work and successes.

the end of the reports is near...

87 87a In the Motosport magazine was an article about the "Metal Bike". Unfortunately was no note, this was a World premiere with Swiss Handicraft.
89 89a

Swiss Premiere

In 2009 we exhibited the Metal Bike at the Love Ride in Switzerland for the first time. It was displayed on the stage for the whole day to be admired. With the start of the Metal Bike the departure tour of the Love Ride was opened.

- Thanks to the Love Ride members!

90 90a My wife Lai and I on Arlen Ness's place in the Dream Machine Magazine 2009. The Metal bike is in the large Picture is in the lower right Hand Corner.
91 91a


The "Metal Bike" celebrated ist world premiere at the AMD World Championship in Mainz, Germany. It is the first worldwide and the only motorcycle decorated with sheet metal embossing. The work on this bike exceeded 1500 hours by me(Daniel) and my wife Lai for which we received praise from the reconstruction king Arlen Ness.

92 92a In the shool book "Deutsch in der Schweiz" which we use in Swiss language shools, is a photo of our shop in Zürich to see. The shop I had for 13 years on the same place. This was a big discusion at my wifes shool place.
93 93a There is also an article in the largest Swiss newspaper (Blick 2009), about our business dealings and surroundings on the most congested road in Zürich where i run my business for 13 years.
93B 93C An other report in the 2. biggest news paper from Switzerland the (TA 2009), about our business. On the "Rosengartenstreet" in Zürich, where I did my work for the last years.
94 94a

In the Moto Sport Magazine is an article about our unique sheet metal embossing technique which I learned in a few winter months from the Monks in Asia. This ancient 3D technique has just about died out in Europe.

- Thanks are due to the monasteries in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

95 95a

In Tribute to our work we were invited to exhibit in Florida's Art Museum in 2009. Here we displayed the "Washington-Independence" bike and 3D metal Pictures.

-Many thanks to the organisers.

96 96a In 2008 I won 2nd place judge's class) with the "Washinton-Independence" which was built entirely of materials available at this time i.e. steel, copper, eather, Wood, etc. to celebrate the USA's 222nd Independence Day.

the end of the reports is the start of my career...

97 97a

The advertisement in the Swiss Performance Magazin of February 2006 was sponsored.

- Many thanks to our supporters.

98 98a The "Töff" Magazine dated September 2005 printed a large article about my 1st place at the Daytona Bike Week explaining why World War II was the Chosen theme.
media1a media1c Daytona Bike Week is the biggest motorcycle Show in the world. It was here that I won 1st place in the shovel head class with my self made Harley in 2005. The "Aryan" was build in Memory of all victims of World War II. 60 years ago and has no political Motivation. The actor Branscombe Richmond offered his congratulations to my achievement.